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Maschinen Krieger
A.F.S Mk.I
Armored Fighting Suit Mk.I

23,491 suits of the AFS, including Mk.III which was the prototype or the simple type of that, which was the main armerd fighting suit of the Mercenery troops at the early stage of the war, were produced. 20,992 of them were Mk.II of which each part was refined and which had higher productivity and deffensive power, and 2,315 of the rest were Mk.I which was the esrliest type of the AFS. The Mk.I was little inferior to the Mk.II, however, took a great invincible active part on the battlefield because the Shutoral side had no effective countermeasure. It is said that the AFS Mk.I was the type which took the most active part of all the types of the AFS in a sense.

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